Who We Are

WHMI is a community of committed Christians focused on raising up those who can obey Jesus' command to teach "all I have commanded." We believe that a global church without adequately trained leaders is unacceptable. Therefore, we are working to make theological training accessible to every pastor and ministry leader in the world.

This community includes faithful Kingdom investors, churches, other Great Commission-minded partners, mission strategists, theologians, U.S. and national instructors who work to equip pastors and leaders, all focused on making theological education accessible to every pastor and ministry leader.

WHMI was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1977 after several years of active ministry by founders, Dr. Harold Davis and his wife, Frances. From the beginning, the singular focus has been engaging in the work of the Great Commission, a focus that has never changed. During those early years, the ministry trained and mobilized individuals from the United States to evangelize around the world.

WHMI is an evangelical, Great Commission focused ministry. Our doctoral statement (based on the Gospel Coalition Doctrinal Statement) is available here.

WHMI is served by staff, an engaged Board of Directors, and active Curriculum Editorial Board located in the U.S. and abroad.

After almost 10 years of development and field testing, WHMI was poised for significant expansion. Then, a pandemic. What we learned was that our vision was too small. God used 2020 and 2021 to help us reimagine what God could do if we trusted the plan for theological education that Paul gave us in 2 Timothy 2:2. Our AGI charts a plan for expansion through 2026.

God can use you to be a catalyst in this global movement.

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WHMI by the Numbers


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WHMI by the Numbers


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WHMI by the Numbers


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