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We believe community transformation comes through healthy churches, and healthy churches require trained pastors.

World Hope Ministries International

  • Pastoral training is essential for shepherding God's people. World Hope Bible Institute was established to help pastors/church leaders in remote and underserved areas to receive the training they need. The training is multiplied to others.
  • Trained pastors are essential to help grow healthy churches. As pastors and leaders receive training, churches become more gospel focused and are less susceptible to false doctrine.
  • Communities are transformed through healthy local churches. World Hope Global Reach places hundreds of volunteers on the field for short-term mission projects. These teams serve beside trained nationals to help bring gospel transformation to communities.

Where is WHMI Working?   What does WHMI believe?


Our Response to COVID-19 Virus - Message to Our Stakeholders

4799 Approximate # of WHBI Students Engaged as of Last Quarter
2411 Cumulative # of WHBI Graduates as of Last Quarter
133 WHBI Locations as of Last Quarter
1228 Cumulative # of Courses Taught Globally as of Last Quarter
27/37 # of WHBI Instructors on the Field Last Quarter (U.S. / Nationals)
199 # of Vetted WHBI Instructors------- U.S.-Based
162 # of Vetted WHBI Instructors - Nationals
8/2 WHGR Projects in Progress/Completed Q1 2022

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