Curriculum Editorial Board

It is the mission of the WHMI Bible Institute Curriculum Editorial Board to deculturalize, ensure theological soundness, and improve the effectiveness of our course materials.

Steve Bezner (PhD)

Senior Pastor, Houston Northwest Church, Houston, TX

Casey Hough, (PhD)

Senior Pastor, Copperfield Church, Houston, TX

Mark Howell (PhD)

Executive Director, E2, Plano, TX

Chuck Lawless (PhD)

Professor of Evangelism and Missions, Dean of Doctoral Studies, Vice President for Spiritual Formation and Ministry Centers, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Robby Magee (DMiss, PhD-ABD)

Senior Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church, Farmersville, TX

Ben Phillips (PhD)

Dean and Associate Professor of Christian Studies College of Christian Studies Charleston Southern University

Stephen Presley (PhD)

Associate Professor of Church History Director of Research Doctoral Studies The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Billy Ross (DMin)

Vice President, World Hope Ministries International Director of World Hope Bible Institute

Stuart Sheehan (PhD)

President & CEO, World Hope Ministries International

Stephen Veteto (PhD)

Director, Rocky Mountain Campus, Professor, New Testament Studies Gateway Seminary

Noel R. Vincent, M.A. Christian Apologetics

Provost, WHMI Bible Institute

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"I was encouraged by the students' eagerness and hunger to learn God's Word. The partnership with Ebenezer Church proved fruitful and uplifting. It's always good to be reminded that believers all over the world have a desire to hear and understand the Word of God."