Transformation in the Nuba Mountains

September 25, 2023

Recently we taught at a Sudanese refugee village named Ajuangthok. The students were from the Nuba mountains and had lost their homes, their resources, and their hope.

One afternoon, we talked with a 26-year-old man, who had once called the Nuba mountains his home. He looked me in the eyes, his voice filled with deep conviction, and said, “I thank God that we were driven from our homes. I would never have heard the Gospel if I would’ve remained in the Nuba mountains. I thank God for this refugee camp. But even more so, I thank God for WHMI, because they are training us as pastors and missionaries. One day soon I long to go back to the Nuba mountains and lead my family and friends to Christ.”

This story is just one of the many transformation stories we hear when people learn of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Please join us in praying for this Sudanese refugee village.

God can use you to be a catalyst in this global movement.

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