Celebration in Kenya

September 28, 2023

Earlier this month, we had four different graduations in Kenya. The Kitui-Kanyangi graduation was the largest, 74 students completing classes and joyfully receiving their diplomas! 

Read this amazing story from Wes White, Associate Director of East Africa: 

“Kenyans love to celebrate and this group of students began to march through the streets in full graduation regalia. They walked throughout the town, some 2 miles, in the blazing heat singing and celebrating. About 1/2 mile into the march, an unexpected participant joined the ranks. A stray Maasai bull decided to join the parade. Several tried to drive him away but he was undaunted. He was going to graduation. He marched with us until we reached the outdoor facilities and then he ambled on. 

The graduation was progressing nicely when, suddenly, the crowd of more than 500 people was disturbed. Like Moses before the Red Sea, the crowd was rolled back and two graduands, who had slipped out earlier, were now moving down the aisle carrying a young man in his cap and gown. This was the valedictorian of this location. Just weeks prior, he had been crushed in machinery at his workplace. His arm was shattered and his leg was terribly broken. He had taken his final exams while in the hospital. Nothing would deter him from finishing his course and now here he was at graduation, brought all the way to the front and placed in a chair near me. My heart was full! What God is doing in and through the WHMI Bible Institute MATTERS! It impacts lives and communities. These brothers and sisters are willing to pay an extreme price to finish their coursework, graduate, and go on to lead and train others. I was deeply humbled and moved. To God be the Glory!”

God can use you to be a catalyst in this global movement.

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