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What is our goal:

· To provide an opportunity for individuals and churches to experience Acts 1:8.

How do we achieve our goal:

· We provide support for partnering churches who express an interest in mobilizing missions teams to work beside pastors who are attending or have graduated from the Bible Institute.
· Global Reach also comes alongside our Associate Directors as requests are made to consider projects to not only further the gospel but to help the graduates find ways to become self-sustaining.

Global Reach requirements to achieve the goal:

· Teams are properly trained before going and are led by an approved leader who has been vetted by WHMI. All Team members are required to read the book: “When Helping Hurts” by Steve Corbett.
· Teams adopt an approved project to assist with, when possible.
· Team Leaders and members understand not to commit to assist with projects until they are submitted and approved or declined by WHMI Global Reach home office.
· All project requests are to come through a World Hope Representative (the corresponding AD) and are not to be requested directly by those who are requesting assistance.
· All requests must accompany a completed WHGR project form and estimated timeline and cost.
· Once approved by a WHGR staff member, a cost analysis should be presented along with phase analysis of job. All projects must be funded prior to beginning. Once funds are received, World Hope sets up a draw schedule. It’s up to those in the field and the person who requested the project to monitor and make certain we stay within budget and stay on schedule. Most projects take only a few weeks or months to complete.

Examples of WHGR projects and mission team trips:

· Chicken farm, including fencing, coops for laying eggs, the purchase of initial chicks, etc.
· Greenhouses for raising vegetables year-round
· Rabbit farms
· Milk cow/goat projects
· Rainwater tanks for watering greenhouses, gardens, etc.
· Sewing classes and training for women
· Healthcare training and supplies
· Medical trips
· Church, bathroom, and other misc. building construction trips
· Children and youth camps
· Children and youth ministry leaders’ seminars
· Biblical Marriage seminars
· Supplying Bibles and evangelism materials
· Door-to-door / hut-to-hut evangelism trips
· Jesus Film evangelism trips
· School evangelism trips
· Supplying clothes and shoes
· Teaching agriculture trips
…and many more…
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