The WHMI Approach

World Hope Ministries International (WHMI) is a Christian ministry engaged in training pastors, growing churches, and transforming communities. Our vision is sequential; we train, we help churches become healthier so they can grow, and we work to see gospel transformation in communities. Through its Bible Institute, the training arm of WHMI, thousands of students receive quality theological education in countries located around the world. Our strategic approach has made WHMI an international leader in providing theological education to pastors in remote areas. The success has been possible because of the quality of training that WHMI provides and its growth strategy. Rather than continuing to recruit instructors from the U.S., qualified Bible Institute graduates are recruited and vetted to become instructors in new WHMI Bible Institute locations. New, second-generation locations are led by nationals within each country. This allows WHMI's training to be multiplied within countries around the world after the Institute's initial investment is made. The impact is enhanced by the fact that the Institute is a trusted and valuable partner to other Christian nonprofits, global mission organizations, and NGOs that are working to grow healthy churches and transform communities around the world. As pastors are trained, WHMI Global Reach mobilizes teams to work with trained pastors and leaders to help them realize gospel transformation in their communities.

You can learn more about WHMI's philosophy and strategy for training by reading the white papers provided below. Each of these provides a more in-depth explanation of what we believe God has called us to do. 

Pastoral Training: The Necessity of Multiplication (Disciple-Making) Models

Multiplying Pastoral Training: A Key Component of a Great Commission Approach

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