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World Hope Global Reach - Mobilizing Individuals and Churches to Help Encourage Gospel Transformation

WHMI not only mobilizes teachers to go, but we also encourage the participation of individuals and churches. This is done through our Global Reach ministries. This ministry has a long and successful history of mobilizing teams to work side-by-side with nationals. Projects have included evangelism, working with unreached people groups, church planting, prison ministry, working with at-risk children, and community development projects. Each year, WHMI helps place hundreds of volunteers on the field for short-term missions. Each of these volunteers pays his/her own way and contributes to the ministry costs associated with the work that is done while on the field.

Historically, the WHMI budget included support for various partnerships. In order to help encourage self-sustainability among those with whom we work, WHMI inacted a strategic shift. Today, Global Reach expands it work through a variety of short-term projects. Each of these has a specified term. Once a Global Reach project is adopted, funds are raised specifically for that purpose, and teams engage in short-term mission trips to accomplish the work. Thus, these projects are fully funded by designated gifts.

Because of WHMI’s strategy of investing in the spiritual leaders, investments focused on church health or community development can have a greater impact. Short-term mission teams are sent and project funds will be raised only for locations where we have trained pastors. 

To learn more about serving on a mission trip, click here.

In the slideshow below are just a few of the many Global Reach Team Members who have served in different locations. 


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