A Proven, Biblical Solution

World Hope Bible Institute (The Bible Institute) has developed an approach to systematic training that can be multiplied through essential core classes delivered in approximately 250 hours of instruction. This approach was proved successful after completing four years of field testing (2008-2011).

We recruit the instructors and provide the curriculum.
2 Timothy 2:2 says that those who have received training should be passing that training on to others, who pass it to others. The Bible Institute uses this biblical concept. We recruit those who have training to go and teach those who need training. We identify the location, schedule the classes, and provide the curriculum. Curriculum is delivered to the students through lecture and discussion. The students take courses in a one-week intensive format. There, they build community with other pastors and enjoy building relationships with their instructors. The training is held in as close a proximity to the need as possible. The class sizes range from 10 to 500 students. A typical class has 50-100 attendees and meets two to three times per year. Each time students gather, they usually are taught two courses by two instructors. Students are graduated in 3-4 years. This approach allows pastors to maintain their jobs, provide for their families, and continue to serve in their field of ministry.

We provide the training without charging tuition fees.
The Bible Institute collects no tuition fees, does not pay instructors, and does not charge for the use of the curriculum. Students make their own arrangements to get to class and provide for their own meals and/or lodging during class. Additionally, locations are responsible for making copies of the curriculum (about 30 pages for each module for each student). This means that as we invest in the training of pastors, they are also investing in their own training.

Graduates of World Hope Bible Institute become the instructors. 
We graduate and qualify new instructors to repeat the process in new locations. Once graduated, WHMI works with nationals to help them plant second-generation Bible Institute locations.

About 10% of our graduates are recruited, vetted, and qualified to become instructors in new, locally run locations of the Bible Institute. As our graduates become instructors, this low-cost model is carried forward. Graduates who become instructors are not paid and their students provide for their own needs and contribute to the cost of copying their curriculum.

Multiplication occurs when first-generation students (the ones we teach) become the second- generation instructors. This is 2 Timothy 2:2 in action. It maximizes the investment of those who go to teach and multiplies theological training among nationals.

The result is low-cost, sustainable theological education.

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