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"This past summer I had the honor and privilege of joining a team of wonderful servants in Christ on a journey to serve the Lord in Lemoru, Kenya. Prior to leaving for the10 day trip, I had my fair share of feelings of nervousness and intimidation. Was I good enough to do this, or even qualified? But as He always does, the Lord blew me away with His faithfulness and provision as my life was changed by a special group of people unlike any other in the world. I thought I would be going to spread the Gospel to remote parts of the world and share how Jesus has radically changed my heart. Little did I know, the Lord would use the children we served to teach me more about His goodness and faithfulness than I could have ever known otherwise. Like never before I experienced the unity and oneness that all believers have in Christ across all people groups as proclaimed through Galatians 3:28. I was able to witness firsthand the ways the Lord is using WHMI mightily to reach the unreached and to equip local church leaders to be effective stewards of the Word and shepherds of their flocks."

Kevin, Kenya 2012

“Every year that I have traveled to Honduras, I go with the intention of serving others. And every year, I come back feeling as if I’m the one who has been blessed. After four trips to Honduras, I look in the mirror and I ask myself, “Who is this woman staring back at me?” She is not the same woman who signed up for a mission trip four years ago. She is a woman transformed by God. She is an example of what God can do with someone who is willing. She is a woman redeemed.

Four years ago, when I signed up to go to Honduras with World Hope, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself in to. I had just re-dedicated my life back to God. I was a prodigal daughter who had recently returned to her Father. I felt broken, useless and insecure. I had very little knowledge and limited understanding, but my heart for God was on fire and I felt led to serve.

The beautiful thing about all of this is that I can be a part of it right here in Houston, Texas, as well. My mission field isn’t limited to mission trips. Because of what I’ve learned in my training for Honduras, I know how to usher others to that beautiful door of salvation and I can be a part of that greater joy wherever I am. God took a girl who felt worthless and broken and He transformed her into a woman with a beautiful purpose. And truly there is no greater joy anywhere else on earth. I left a piece of my heart in Olanchito, Honduras.”

Kelly, Honduras 2009-2012

"I have never been given so many high-fives in a short period of six days. I think I counted that our team as a whole visited about ten schools in the areas surrounding Lemoru, Kenya. There were children in pre-school through secondary school, ranging in age from three to twenty-three years. That is a lot of children to greet and teach high-fives to!!!! I was encouraged to hear that many of them have dreams of becoming doctors, engineers, teachers, pastors, parents and more. Our team had a variety of educational backgrounds, attending university, and careers. Because of that, we got to share how we have trusted in the Lord to guide us on His path for our lives to where we are today, even though we did not all follow the exact same path."

Lee Ann, Kenya June 2012

"In 2009, God called my husband, Russ, and me to missions. At that time I had no idea what this would entail. We were asked to be a part of a Team going to Kenya. I was going to see God do a mighty work through me, but from the second we arrived I knew that once again God has a sense of humor, He seemed to say, ‘No Jac, they are going to bless you. You are going to be a blessing to them, by them first being a blessing to you.’ Seeing the children lined up on either side of the driveway into the Children’s Home singing, blowing horns and giving such a big welcome, I was overwhelmed. We heard angels sing each night before the children went to bed and each morning when they woke up.

The churches we went to were another blessing. The joyous singing, the dancing, and praising the Father, I will never forget. The street ministry was again something I had never experienced, but what a joy it was to see people come for one service, and not leave, as more and more kept coming. One day we had 3 services back to back and the number of people who came was something only God could have orchestrated.

The field rallies were something to behold. People would walk a long way to see and hear us, and then walk that same long distance home, in the dark! God sent me to Lemoru, Kenya, to open my eyes even more to His light. I came back blessed with a sense of knowing that I must be a part of serving God like this as often as I can, as often as He will call me.”

Jac, Kenya 2010

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