There are so many ways you can volunteer to help advance God’s work through WHMI. You can make a difference, from the Houston office to the ends of the world!

Become an Instructor
Each year, we need dozens of instructors to deliver theological education to pastors and ministry leaders around the world. If you would like to learn more about being an instructor with World Hope Bible Institute, click here

Serve on a Short-Term Mission Trip
In locations where we have trained pastors, we mobilize people to go and work beside nationals to accomplish the Great Commission. You can serve as an individual or as part of a church team. To learn more about joining WHMI as a short-term missionary, click here.

Help the Houston Team
Each week, volunteers help ease the heavy load carried by WHMI team members in our Houston office. You can help! To find out more about serving as a volunteer team member in the Houston office of WHMI, click here.


You might enjoy reading below a sample of how lives have been greatly impacted by their service.

Instructors for World Hope Bible Institute



I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to teach and preach to these sweet people. Pictured is my partner, teaching his part of our class. I was also amazed by the rapid growth of the church there. One church where we ministered has planted 20 churches over the past 20 years. This will spur me on to challenge our American church to be more proactive. ~ Adam B.






The joy of seeing these pastors graduate from the Bible Institute was amazing. I look forward to hearing of the work being done in the daughter institutes. I also was able to encourage a couple of the younger ministry leaders who are beginning to teach in the daughter Bible Institutes. Also, on a more personal note, I was able to give counsel to a young couple preparing to marry.  ~ Bill S.



Team Members from Global Reach Mission Trips

I have traveled with WHMI to Africa on 10 trips. Several of the trips were based around the children’s home in Lemoru, Kenya. From there, we visited churches and schools, giving our testimonies. We also performed street ministry. Hundreds of students have graduated from the Bible Institute at the Lemoru location. Churches have become healthier and have grown through the influence of the teaching. As a retired engineer, I was allowed into classrooms to express the importance of a good education.  In South Africa, I was able to work with a pastor who has over 40,000 Bible study students inside dozens of prisons. It was a real joy meeting with and answering questions face-to-face with these incarcerated students.

I strongly encourage you to enter the mission field, where there are few workers and the harvest is vast. Though it may be challenging, the everlasting personal satisfaction you receive will only motivate you to want to return again and again.  ~ Mike D.


Ivory Coast personal impact: It was a blessed experience going on a mission trip with my 14-year-old son. It was impressive to see how God could connect people from opposite sides of the world to work, play, and worship together and it seemed as though we’ve known each other for years, true brothers and sisters in Christ. 

As Americans, it’s easy to get caught up in our comforts, possessions, and accomplishments. When those things are removed, it’s easier to see God’s work. He heals the brokenhearted, feeds the hungry, and removes fears. He puts eager, smiling people to work building, cooking, or evangelizing. It was a lesson to me on how simplicity makes it easier to do Christ’s work.  ~Jake H.


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