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Support the Discipleship of Prisoners

WHMI sponsors 33,000 prisoners who have experienced the life-transformation of being made right with God through His Son Jesus Christ. They are all currently going through a prison discipleship program which encompasses the following 6 objectives:

  1. Each person is introduced to Jesus Christ and then told all that comes with accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior;
  2. The person is then assimilated into one of the prison church plants;
  3. The person is assigned a mentor/helper;
  4. The person begins meeting weekly for Bible study and for community/church;
  5. The person learns to prepare their story of being reborn and how to share it effectively;
  6. If applicable, the person is prepared for assimilation to life outside of the prison.

Discipleship ministry is ongoing in over 200 prisons throughout South Africa. Your monthly support will help prisoners find true freedom in Christ.

$20/month will cover the discipleship of 10 prisoners.
$30/month will cover the discipleship of 15 prisoners.
$50/month will cover the discipleship of 25 prisoners.

If you would like more information about WHMI's Prison Ministries, please submit your information and we will get in touch with you by the next business day.

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