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A Unique, Strategic Approach to Great Commission Engagement

We believe community transformation comes through healthy churches, and healthy churches require trained pastors.

Support to mission causes often focuses on immediate results. While this is appropriate in cases of relief or rescue, WHMI believes, in most other cases, there is a better way. In its forty-year history, WHMI has seen that ministry investment requiring ongoing funding, or the creation of complex programs which must be managed by those from developed nations, is not the most effective approach. Instead of empowering nationals, such strategies often create dependency and, in the long-term, atrophy among nationals.

WHMI provides pastoral training so that mission investment can occur in communities which are growing in their spiritual health. We believe that biblical faithfulness among pastors has a direct impact on the health of churches. While we link nationals with a variety of mission endeavors (evangelism, church planting, economic and community development, etc.), we do so only after we have trained pastors in those communities. This makes WHMI a valuable partner to a wide variety of ministries, including global mission organizations, internationally operating denominations, national organizations, and local associations of churches.

Our approach reflects what we have learned. Training pastors and spiritual leaders within a community enriches the value of all other ministry and humanitarian investments.

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