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Vision, Mission & Core Values

The vision of WHMI is to see the whole Body of Christ obey the whole Great Commission.  WHMI believes we are most effective when we are strengthening the local leaders and working beside local people.  As we go and obey the whole Great Commission, we are working with nationals so that they can do the same.  This creates strong relationships between those with whom we work.

  • Through World Hope Global Reach, our mission is to mobilize people to evangelize, disciple, and teach, partnering with nationals around the world.
  • Through World Hope Bible Institute, our mission is to teach underserved pastors and ministry leaders around the world in biblical doctrine and systematic theology.
  • If you are interested in getting mobilized, please submit your information, and someone will get back with you.

At WHMI, we value:

  • a love for Jesus Christ
  • an unwavering passion for the Great Commission
  • the inerrancy of Scripture
  • the necessity of proclaiming the Gospel
  • the exclusivity of Jesus Christ
  • the importance of multiplication and replication
  • the autonomy of local ministries
  • the standard of excellence in ministry
  • the practice of integrity in everything
  • a compassion for all people
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