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Impact on Instructors

"Student response was good. It was a wonderful experience teaching and learning from this class of serious students of the Word who were continually focused and eager to learn." - Merle

"I am continually amazed at the interest many teachers and pastors exhibit and in the dedication and sacrifice they make in attending classes. It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to working with WHMI in the future." - Mark 

"God used this trip to teach me more than I thought I would be taught. I learned a lot about church from people who are not allowed to do church in their country. After teaching about receiving salvation graciously and being joyful in what you receive, I had to learn how to graciously receive from these people who wanted to give so much, and seemed to have little. I am happy to have been part of educating believers that would have never had a chance to receive this type of training unless a program like this existed. God is using this ministry in a great way." - Mike

"We saw the Lord work in an amazing fashion. We have students from 13 different churches and 7 different denominations. God would put words in my mouth when situations arose with interesting questions. The removal of denominational barriers was unbelievable. Also, broken relationships within the largest denomination present were restored by the Lord." - Robert

"I'm not sure I have the words to describe my experience, so let's go with these: Powerful, Humbling, Life Changing, Incredible and Moving." - Scott

"The opportunity to provide theological education in an international context was a powerful experience. I witnessed first hand God drawing together a group of ministers from a variety of Christian backgrounds to study His Word and apply it to their ministry contexts. I could see the ministry of the Spirit work to heal broken relationships, and strengthen the faith of these ministers. Through the course I was able to show how Scripture continues to be our authority and guide in all matters of life and doctrine." - Stephen

"As a teacher, there is no greater joy than teaching students who really want to learn and understand what you are teaching. The students who attend the World Hope Bible Institutes are hungry for biblical teaching and instruction and will pass it on to their congregations soon after they attend the Institute." - Duane

"I had a wonderful experience and was able to bless others and to receive a blessing. I have long desired to teach overseas, and World Hope Ministries provides the type of teaching I had hoped to do. I witnessed pastors learning much new material that they would use in their churches and Bible studies, and many expressed their enjoyment and appreciation to me." - Mark

"I enjoyed the passionate and precisioned dialogue with the students and pastoral leadership. Loved my host family." - Curtis

"I got to see what God is doing and how the Gospel is applied in a place that is almost nothing like my ministry context. It was extremely educational. We taught the students and corrected some wrong theology and assumptions. This all benefits my church greatly because I grow through the experience and can be a better preacher to them." - Dustin 

"The most encouraging moment of the week was when, after having taught our classes in Tocoa, Honduras, one of the students expressed his gratitutde by reading Proverbs 25:25: Like cold water to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. This brother was particularly affected by our teaching, and we were thrilled to have had such a positive impact. Gloria a Dios!" - Nicholas

"I see God working in all of the pastors that keep coming back for the training!" - Brady

"What a blessing! Although I pastor a large church next to our nation's capital, sometimes I feel as though I'm the CEO of a Christian organization. To see 90 (mostly) young French men and women eagerly listening, taking notes and interacting made me feel like I was part of a living organism - that I was playing a significant role in helping others teach others what I have learned through the years and thus fulfilling Matthew 28:19-20 and 2 Timothy 2:2." - Billy

"My preparation and teaching of The Introduction to the New Testament was a providential outlet for my teaching passion to a country in the world which is at the tipping point of a cultural shift in worldview. My eyes were opened to what it means to be a World Christian. I learned so much from my Ivorian Christian brothers and sisters. I believe God used me to transfer knowledge while at the same time change me through the ministry of the Ivorian Body of Christ." - Tim

 "Going with World Hope Bible Institute to Botswana was a refreshing time of personal revival. It is a joy to teach those who are hungry to learn and it reinvigorated me to continue in doing good for the Kingdom. Seeing the Holy Spirit move in the minds of these remarkable young men and women as they were awakened to God’s powerful Word was immensely satisfying...I consider it a great privilege that God would count us (the Bible Institute Instructors) worthy to set a spark in the hearts that will burn for the next generation." – Patrick

"Personally, I'm grateful for the time and opportunity to teach and encourage pastors and leaders who do not have the availability of studies and resources that we have in the U.S. The national pastors must be trained to win their world to Christ – they are on the field daily!" – Mark

"Overall, the Bible Institute is a powerful ministry fueled by a powerful, biblical idea to train indigenous leaders to minister to indigenous leaders. It is modeled by Paul, it is spoken of in 2 Timothy 2:2, and I am honored that I have been able to participate in a small way in God’s work through this ministry." - Rolland

In Ecuador, we have had nothing but excellent reports from the World Hope Bible Institute students saying that the material taught was very needed and useful to their ministry in sharing God’s Word. They indicated the teachers were very thorough in conveying the subject matter taught. As a tool, the World Hope Bible Institute is an excellent way to bring theological training to pastors who do not have the opportunity to attend a seminary.” – Mark

“In September 1991, I was ordained because Karen and I sensed God was going to move us to another ministry. Due to company troubles, on January 4, 1993, I was laid off from my job in Oklahoma City. We placed our belongings into storage and moved in with Karen's parents in Seguin, Texas. We had five small children so the transition was tough. First Baptist Church of McQueeney, Texas, became our new home. One Sunday while a retiring missionary couple shared their experiences, God spoke to Karen and told her we were to begin pursuing international missions. She told God that she wanted Him to speak to me. Three days later I felt impressed that we should call the International Mission Board and begin the process of appointment. The IMB sent us a packet of information, which contained a request for a Bible institute instructor in Lima, Peru. I felt drawn to the request and wanted to pack my bags immediately for Lima. God led us later to be appointed to Venezuela as a Bible institute instructor. After almost 9 years with the IMB, I accepted the position as Executive Director of the San Felipe Baptist Association where I serve now. In January 2013, I taught a World Hope Bible Institute class in Iquitos and in Lima, Peru. I realized one day during class that it had been almost 20 years to the month . . . I was standing in Lima, Peru, teaching in a Bible institute! It is amazing how God brings to completion His plan in our lives. I’m reminded of Paul’s words, “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” - Darrell




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