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Instructor FAQ's


Where will I stay?
Types of lodging vary by location, but we ensure that each Instructor has a safe place to stay.
Will meals be provided?
Meals in country, as well as purified water, will be provided.
What if I run into some kind of problem/difficulty while in my location?
The Instructors will have contact information for ground personnel, and a Bible Institute staff member will always be available by phone or email.


Will someone else be teaching with me?
Usually there are two instructors at each location.
What is the schedule for a typical day?
Classes are generally morning and afternoon, with a lunch break. Sometimes each class day is split between courses, and other times one instructor teaches both morning and afternoon.
Will instruction materials be provided?
Instructors will be sent curriculum, including the Instructor’s Guide, as soon as they commit to a particular location/date.
Do the students speak English or will I use a translator?
In many locations, Instructors teach assisted by a translator.
What is appropriate attire for Instructors?
Slacks and polo or dress shirt; take a coat and/or tie when preaching at a church; comfortable shoes.


How will I get my plane tickets?
The Bible Institute will make airline reservations directly or through a travel agency, if possible on your preferred carrier.
What about transportation in the country?
All ground transportation is arranged by our contacts in the country.
What if I want to add personal travel days before or after the Institute dates?
All additional arrangements and costs will be the responsibility of the Instructor.
Is there a weight limit for luggage?
Most airlines allow a 50-lb bag with total measurement of 62 inches at no additional charge.
Will I have internet access?
Many (but not all) of our accommodations have internet available.
What special items do you recommend that I take along?
Energy bars, a basic first aid kit, insect repellent, sunscreen, a mosquito net (under $20), and a water purifier bottle—such as the CamelBak All Clear Water Purifier Bottle (under $80).


What will my total trip expenses include?
Airfare, visas, incidentals, souvenirs, meals in transit, ground costs
What is included in my ground costs?
Ground transportation, most meals in country, bottled water, international travel insurance, translator fees
How much spending money should I take?
$15-20 per day, in small bills
What if I have to cancel my trip after having paid my ground costs? After purchasing plane tickets?
All ground costs paid are non-refundable; airline tickets will be subject to the airline refund policy.
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