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Travel the World, Train a Pastor, and Earn Course Credit with World Hope!

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The Bible Seminary has partnered with World Hope Bible Institute to train pastors and ministry leaders in remote and underserved areas of the world, such as India, Africa, Ecuador, Honduras, and France.  Qualified students raise their own funds and travel to teach for the Bible Institute.  Students, serving for a single ten day overseas assignment, earn credit directly applicable to their Master of Arts or Divinity degrees. 


For more information, contact Noel R. Vincent, Associate Director & Provost of WHBI, at NoelV@whmi.org or call him at 832-544-4644. You may also contact Dr. Steven C. Adamson, Provost of The Bible Seminary, at steve.adamson@thebibleseminary.org or call him at 281-646-1109.



How does the course credit program work?

Three credit hours of graduate work in INT501: Cross Cultural Ministry are earned by students who successfully complete the following course requirements:

  • Raise their own funds, which vary by location and length of stay.
  • Complete all assignments: travel and teach a course, write a paper.

What does it cost?

The cost of travel, lodging, and insurance is all inclusive and ranges between $1,500 and $4,000 depending on the location and length of stay, and is payable in advance to World Hope Bible Institute.  A list of Approximate Costs for a Faculty Member, per location, can be found here. Students enrolled in INT501 will pay the normal course related tuition and fees to The Bible Seminary.

What will I be teaching?

We try to match courses with instructors, so any course you have previously taken at university or seminary could be taught through our program. Additionally, you may teach any course for which you are qualified through training or experience. You will find a list of our courses here.

Where and when will I go?

Wherever and whenever your heart leads. We offer our courses throughout the year at 50+ locations in 24 countries.  Just tell us when you are available for a week to ten days and what part of the world interests you, and we will help you select the best option to meet your needs. If you are interested in completing our faculty member application, contact us at info@whmi.org and we will begin working with you on the details of your exciting adventure!