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WHMI: An Introduction

World Hope Ministries International (WHMI) is a Christian ministry engaged in training pastors, growing churches, and transforming communities. Through its Bible Institute, the training arm of WHMI, more than 4,400 students received quality theological education in 45 locations in 30 countries in 2016. Our strategic approach has made WHMI an international leader in providing theological education to pastors in remote areas. The success has been possible because of the quality of training that WHMI provides and its growth strategy. Rather than always recruiting from outside the organization, qualified Bible Institute graduates are recruited to become instructors themselves in new WHMI Bible Institute locations led by nationals within each country. This allows WHMI's training to be multiplied within countries around the world after the Institute's initial investment is made. The impact is enhanced by the fact that the Institute is a trusted and valuable partner to other Christian nonprofits, global mission organizations, and NGOs that are working to grow healthy churches and transform communities around the world.

A Brief History

WHMI was launched as a nonprofit organization nearly 40 years ago by founder, Dr. Harold Davis, after operating informally for more than a decade with a singular focus on engaging in the work of the Great Commission, a focus that has never changed. During those early years, the ministry trained and mobilized individuals from the United States to evangelize around the world. By the mid-1990's, WHMI's leaders realized that simply exporting missionaries from the U.S. was effective, but would always be limited and expensive. They began to develop long-term relationships with the citizens of countries such as Kenya, South Africa, India, and Honduras.

The results were impressive. By 2007, WHMI recognized that there were many underserved and remote areas with people who had a thirst for God's Word, but needed local pastors to meet their needs. As a result, WHMI established its Bible Institute, launching the Institute as a full-time operation in 2011 under the leadership of new President, Dr. Stuart Sheehan. It began serving 250 students in four locations in three countries.

WHMI Today

WHMI has four full-time employees, two part-time employees, eight to ten routine volunteers, and 120 volunteer Bible Institute instructors.  Additionally, WHMI owns a 4200 sq. ft. facility with no debt, located on 1.3 acres in northwest Harris County.  Besides the instructors who volunteer to teach in the Bible Institute, hundreds of self-funded WHMI volunteers work with nationals to encourage healthy churches and work toward community transformation.

In 2017, WHMI Bible Institute classes will be taught in more than 50 active locations, spread across Asia, Africa, Central and South America, the US, and Europe.

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