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South Africa


What a tremendous month May has been! Rejoice with us in the harvest! 

World Hope Ministries International had the privilege of hosting three-time Kung-Fu World Champion, Tony Anthony. Born in Britain, Tony is a Christian Evangelist, best selling author, international speaker and mission leader.    

A small team, along with Tony Anthony, travelled to four prisons, starting with a trip to Empangeni to visit Qalakabusha Correctional Centre. About 250 inmates, mostly juveniles, came to listen to Tony Anthony’s teaching.   

Next, the team visited Port Shepstone prison. Although the visit had prior approval, another event was going on and Tony was only able to share the Gospel with 37 inmates. God is sovereign and these hardened men slowly softened as the message of how God loved them was shared. 

On Wednesday, the team headed to Mthatha prison where a group of 250 inmates listened intently as Tony once again shared the gospel. That evening, we had a meeting at a church in Kokstad. 

The following morning, we took a leap of faith and went to the Super C Maximum prison in Kokstad without prior notification. Inmates at this prison are held in segregation and solitary confinement. We shared the Gospel with two heavily guarded groups of 25 prisoners. That evening, we held a meeting with the locals of Matatiele where many believers and leaders of schools committed or recommitted their lives to the Lord.

The team also visited 3 schools in Matatiele and ministered to 1700 students. Numerous children and teachers received salvation. We also held a meeting in Kokstad Junior School hall, where we had a good turnout and a very mixed group of people from sound believers to atheists.

The team had an early start on Saturday morning as Tony shared the Word with 50 men over breakfast. The men were encouraged and motivated. At Franklin, we held an outreach with a few community members and, at Kokstad. Tony conducted a 3 hour long evangelism training course.

On Sunday morning the team headed to Mount Ayliff for an extra-ordinary church service. Tony shared the Word and again people responded to the simple uncompromising gospel message. That evening, Tony shared the Word at First Baptist Church. We praise God for more than 2000 people that we reached in one week! During the week, countless people gave their lives to the Lord.

Please pray over the following:

  • Praise God, lives were touched in Kokstad during the week of ministry with Tony Anthony. Pray that the seed sown will bear fruit.
  • for the safe landing of the food container from the USA.
  • for the teams who will be here in July who will minister in our prisons and hold VBS.
  • for God to provide the resources for literature for our prisons.
  • that God will motivate our facilitators in the prisons and give them insight as they teach the Word.
  • against the power of darkness that operates in prisons and in our community.


In 1994, Vanessa, then 21 years old, was duped into carrying books with 1.7kg of heroin hidden in them to Thailand. She was arrested, tried for drug-trafficking charges and the Thai courts sentenced her to death. On appeal, her sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. Pregnant, terrified and desperately alone, Vanessa began a harrowing 16-year journey behind bars. In prison she received Jesus Christ through a Joyce Meyer Magazine. She gave birth to her first child and had to give her up. As a result, she suffered from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, hatred and unforgiveness. Her pain made her give up on life, but God sent a fellow inmate to pray for her and her healing process started. After serving 16 years, she was released from prison. Today, Vanessa ministers all over the country, holding motivational talks and sharing her message of hope. She will be joining our World Hope team for the month of July.

Praise the Lord!

Pastor Willy Dengler







Country Profile

The Republic of South Africa has nine provinces at the southernmost point of Africa. English and Afrikaans are the main languages in higher education. There are 11 languages spread out among the 50 million people. 



Christians: 75.2% of population

Evangelicals: 21% of population

Population: 50,492,408

(source from Operation World)

Partner Profile

Who – Pastor Willy Dengler

Where – Johannesburg, South Africa

What – This ministry is actively seeking to spread the good news of Jesus Christ throughout South Africa and to the ends of the earth. The open doors of ministry have been the hundreds of prisons and prisoners who have been discipled over the last 10 years through World Hope South Africa’s prison ministry, led by Pastor Willy and his team. They also work in sharing the Gospel in public schools and discipleship programs in the schools. Additionally they work in two local squatter camps providing food twice a week and Bible study programs for children.  praying with prisoners

How – Under the direction of Pastor Willy, the World Hope Ministries International-South Africa team partners with local and international churches to have a continuous outreach into existing ministries. The team is also forging ahead into the unreached frontiers of South Africa and the continent of Africa. WHMI sends many teams from America each year to partner in evangelism in prisons, schools, squatter camps and the local community.

Why– Jesus said, “I AM the way, the truth and the life, and no one can go to the Father in heaven except through Me.”  Without believing in and living for Jesus, the wrath of God will keep the lost from experiencing heaven and eternal salvation.  Jesus said, “Go and make disciples…”, so Pastor Willy has been called to go and pastor a local church and give guidance to a local ministry that is reaching the ends of the earth.

What’s already been done?  World Hope Ministries International-South Africa has successfully shared the Gospel and implanted their prison discipleship program in over 200 of the 250 South African prisons over the past 10 years. They have become one of the premier rehabilitation programs for the prison system of South Africa and are sought out by the prison officials for the success of their program through gospel transformation and discipleship. They have also continued to impact the Mayfair district of Johannesburg through the daily witness and growth of their local church, Mayfair Baptist Church, and through weekly ministries in public schools and local squatter camps.

Can you come alongside our work in South Africa?  YES!  Here are 4 ways you can join God in this great work of making disciples in South Africa:

  1. Pray! Please join us in praying the following:
    • God will pour out His Spirit to open hearts and minds to the Gospel.
    • God will pour out His resources through His worldwide Church to help this ministry thrive daily.
    • God will keep Pastor Willy, his family, and his local team spiritually healthy to endure all the obstacles of the enemies with joy, thanksgiving, courage, purity and faithfulness. 
  2. Go! We are looking for 3 to 4 teams to join this work in February - October, 2016. The cost is approximately $3000-$3500 / person. This is all-inclusive, including airfare from Houston to Johannesburg, accommodations, food and water, transport, translators and ministry materials.
  3. Give! Pastor Willy relies 100% on monthly support from his local churches, other churches, individuals, and various other ministries that God has called to come alongside him to accomplish His vision. 
    Please review the steps to give below, then click here .
    • Be sure to click "Direct my Donation To" and select "Monthly Support by Country."
    • In the dropdown menu that appears, please select 'South Africa'. Your gift will go towards the support of Pastor Willy and God's ministry through him in South Africa. 
  4. All of the above!

If you would like to know more about WHMI or South Africa please call our offices at 281.978.4570 or email Craig at craigk@whmi.org



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