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Mexico - Chiapas


Greetings, World Hope family, from beautiful Chiapas, Mexico!

During the month of February, we have been visiting the missions to encourage them to continue in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We visited with the pastor of the mission of Guayasa and prayed with him over the lives of those who are struggling.

We also visited with the pastor of the mission of Yulumash. Some of the brothers of the mission needed encouraging because of economic problems resulting from no coffee crop this year nor any employment.  We ask for your prayers that the church would remain faithful to the Lord.

In the mission of San Juan, thank God, this mission is continuing forward, and we have a new family that began attending church.  We also ask for your prayers because of the unemployment in Chiapas.  Another family from this mission went to the State of Campeche to look for work. We, as pastors, continue to stir up the rest of the brothers so that they don't lose their confidence in the Lord.

In the mission of Salsibiltic, we keep working with them, and thank God, we have now finished paying off the land that was purchased where a church will be built.  Also, they are visiting other families that were healed when the medical team came in June, 2015.  They are very appreciative for the medical support that was given.

A new group just formed to evangelize in Yajalon.  We ask for your prayers over the team and its leaders.

We ask for your prayers for the 19th of March when we are going to have a children's event in the church facilities.

In the Chilon church, thank God, we have 12 new persons that have given their lives to the Lord, and they are now attending church.  We ask for your prayers for these new members. Also, we have our work meeting for the construction of the children's classrooms.  We will start work on the roof the 7th of March upon receipt of funds sent to us from N. Main Baptist Church. We also have a new prayer group that prays on Saturday nights.

I appreciate all of your prayers and financial support for the mission trip to Cuba this month.  For me, it was a great experience in my spiritual life.  In this country, there is much need for God, especially seeing the oppression they live under because of the type of government they have.  They don't have freedom to preach the Gospel, and the people meet in homes to hear the Word of God. I had the opportunity to preach in two congregations, and also to teach two groups of pastors about the importance of having a vision in the ministry.  After this visit to Cuba, my heart has been touched by the Holy Spirit to increase my prayer time for the needs of this country. 

God bless you all.

Pastor Pepe

Country Profile
pastor pepe and family

Mexico is Latin America's third largest country. The main language spoken is Spanish. There are 297 total languages spread out among the 110 million people. 


Christians: 95% of population

Evangelicals: 8% of population

Population: 110,654,154

(source from Operation World)

Partner Profile

Who– Pastor Jose Alfredo Gutierrez Estrada (aka Pepe)

Where – Chilón, Chiapas, Mexico

What – Sowing the seed of the gospel through building an elementary Bible school, constructing missionary housing, equipping the church, mexico churchproviding free, mobile medical care, providing rehabilitation for the alcoholic and drug addicts, and serving his community and state and country in Jesus' name and under His authority and instruction in many various ways until all have heard and experienced the grace of God.

How – Pastor Pepe’s God-given vision for reaching Chilón, Chiapas, Mexico and all nations includes a grocery market, a soccer field, a rehabilitation center, a Christian school for children, a medical clinic for both employment and health needs, and a church that will meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of his community. 

Why – Jesus said, “I AM the way, the truth and the life, and no one can go to the Father in heaven except through Me.”  Without believing in and living for Jesus, the wrath of God will keep the lost from experiencing heaven and eternal salvation.  Jesus said, “Go and make disciples…”, so Pastor Pepe has been called to go and give guidance to God’s work among their dear people in Mexico. 

What’s already been done?  Pastor Pepe has already seen God construct a new church capable of holding 300-400 worshippers. They have started construction on the elementary Bible school and missionary housing. They have hosted the World Hope Bible Institute since July 2012 and look forward to graduating their first group of pastors and leaders in 2016. They have planted 5 new mission churches around Chilón and have seen significant growth through working with evangelical teams from America.  

Can you come alongside our work in Mexico?  YES!  Here are 4 ways you can join God in this great work of making disciples in Mexico:

  1. Pray! Please join us in praying the following:
    • God will pour out His Spirit to open hearts and minds to the gospel.
    • God will pour out His resources through His worldwide Church to help this ministry thrive daily.
    • God will keep Pepe, his family, and his team spiritually healthy to endure all the obstacles of the enemies with joy, thanksgiving, courage, purity and faithfulness. 
  2. Go! We are looking for three to four teams to join this work in January, June, August and October 2016. The cost is approximately $1600 / person. This is all-inclusive including airfare from Houston to Villahermosa, accommodations, food and water, transport, translators and ministry materials.
  3. Give! Pastor Pepe relies on monthly support from his church, other churches, individuals, and various other ministries that God has called to come alongside them to accomplish His vision. Please review the steps to give below, then click here
    • Be sure to click "Direct my Donation To" and select "Monthly Support by Country."
    • In the dropdown menu that appears, please enter "Chilón, Mexico." Your gift will go towards the support of Pastor Pepe and God's ministry through him in Mexico. 
  4. All of the above!

If you would like to know more about WHMI or Mexico please call our offices at 281.978.4570 or email Craig at craigk@whmi.org



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