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Drive to Thrive

DRIVE TO THRIVE | 2018 is our emphasis for 2017 year-end giving and to increase monthly giving in 2018


Our goal is to see monthly giving to WHMI increase by $10,000/month in 2018 and to see God provide $150,000 in year-end gifts. 


Economic pressures (Harvey, et al) have affected many of our regular donors in Southeast Texas. In response, we are asking God to lead others to become monthly supporters of WHMI. This will reduce the impact of economic pressures on the global work of WHMI. Honestly, monthly gifts are a key factor in allowing us to effectively plan and move forward in this work.


In the coming weeks, we are asking all who are friends of this ministry to consider becoming a monthly donor in 2018 (or increasing your monthly giving). We know God will not lead everyone to do this, but we are trusting Him to speak to those who have seen how God is using this ministry and that they will either consider becoming monthly investors or increase their monthly investment in the work.


You can make your pledge for monthly giving or give your year-end gift for the 2018 DRIVE TO THRIVE HERE.


Each month we receive new requests to help train. We want to increase giving for one reason only: to see more pastors training, more churches strengthened and more communities transformed by the gospel.

Did you know?

  • There are approximately 5,000 active students/grads who have been through WHBI to date in 2017.
  • Around one thousand pastors/ministry leaders are waiting for training to start in Haiti.
  • By year-end 2017, WHBI will have graduated a little over 1,000 students!
  • Churches with graduates are working together to reach their people with the gospel.
  • We have requests to open new locations in multiple new countries in 2018.
  • The more locations we open, the less expensive it becomes to provide pastoral education.
  • We are currently working on a reduced budget because of financial pressure.
  • This ministry is designed so it can expand to scale—if God provides more resources, we can immediately reach more students.

 That is why we are launching the DRIVE TO THRIVE | 2018 


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