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Bible Institute - Train a Pastor

At this moment, somewhere around the world today, there is a pastor on his knees pleading with God to send him a mentor, a teacher, a scholar – to train him in the deepest doctrines of the faith. He has struggled for years to meet the ministry demands of his flock, and he is handicapped because his theological training is virtually non-existent. He has scraped together everything he’s ever read in a spiritual magazine or heard on a Christian radio broadcast, and it has not amounted to much. How can he lead his congregation, nourish them on the Word of God, apply the Scriptures to their daily needs, and grow in his walk with the Lord without sound biblical training? World Hope Bible Institute was founded to meet this pastor where he lives.

We provide free, systematic theological training to pastors and leaders in remote and underserved areas around the world by mobilizing qualified instructors to deliver our high quality curriculum.

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